donderdag 17 mei 2012

Sweet Tagger Heart by Alicia Mujica

That is a Tagger?

A Tagger is not someone who buys my designs and nothing else.

A tagger is someone who is passionate about design.

No, maybe not the race study
but perhaps also for some awesome graphics.

That could leave more than a professional with an open mouth.

That is a tagger?

A tagger is someone who puts all his senses on every job
that makes them an essential ingredient, LOVE.¡¡¡¡

A tagger enjoy and share their tag or grafics
many of the graphics you who are reading this you are using or see on the network
are made ??by the tagger

Yes, yes ... by anonymous people who do not profit motive.
and his only reward is to keep doing graphics.

The world of the tagger is exciting, fun, friendly and above all

People who had never studied design work wonders, are self-taught
can be better?

Without the tagger designers are nothing,
I always say the same thing, but I believe it is so.
This is and should be a team.

They give life, each in its way to our designs.

They spend hours in front of the screen, get upset when they closed the program
and leaves the job half done, get exited when they discover a new tool or filter.

And when they get all that done??
They share¡¡¡¡¡¡

For this and for all THANK YOU, THANK YOU 
I also I started as a tagger
and still have Heart of tagger

Alicia Mujica.